Nature’s Home, in balance with Mother Earth

Welcome to Nature’s Home. We are a leading Dutch production company, that makes healty products for children and babies since 1991. Our main brand Ekobaby consists of a range of pure and natural products that are especially made for new born babies to children of 3 years of age. These products are made from carefully selected milk from Dutch dairy farmers.

Sustainable vision of man and environment

Since its establishment, Nature’s Home is led by a sustainable vision of man and environment. We believe that Mother Earth should be cherished. We take what is given by nature, and used these resources on a responsible and rewarding way.

Our cows graze outside in the meadow, the grains that are used in our products are not sprayed on, chemical pesticides are never used and genetic modified crops will never enter our factory. It is all 100% natural, and you can taste it! This sustainable balance in give-and-take is the foundation of our coroprate vision and all the products from Nature’s Home.

Excellence from the Netherlands

The Netherlands has a long history of dairy. 7000 years ago the first cows have been reported in the Netherlands. The modern milk-cow descends from the aurochs (Latin language: Bos primigenius primigenius). This was a two meter high animal with huge horns, that over time has been tamed by man. Milk was previously used to make butter, cheese and porridge due to its limited shelf-life. Milk girls brought the milk directly from the land to the city.

In the late 19th century the first diary companies were established. They collected the milk from farmers and kept it cool. Later the milk was sold on the streets by milk hawkers followed by the milkman who delivered the milk at people’s houses or sold it in bottles. Today, most milk is sold in supermarkets.

In the Netherlands the quality of dairy products in the complete supply chain is guaranteed by many precautions. First of all the milk is stored in cool places, and a couple of times per week it is collected by a tank truck and from every milk supplier a sample is taken. These samples are checked in the Milk Control Station (MCS) Holland in a place called Zutphen. The quality checks are based on the International Quality called System Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP). The Central Agency for Quality Assurance (COKZ) inspects the assurance systems used in the dairy farms.

Nature’s Home produces according to strict Dutch food and safety requirements. Only the finest ingredients are good enough for processing. In this way you are assured of a high quality product of Dutch origin!