Ekobaby baby food

Ekobaby offers a complete and varied assortment of infant formula, follow-on milk and follow-up milk. The products are carefully tuned to the various development phases of your little infant, from baby to toddler. Ekobaby baby food is safe, healthy, tasty and durable. Ekobaby offers you and your baby a range of pure and natural infant formulae. Our products are made from carefully selected crops and use quality milk from dedicated Dutch dairy farmers.

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Ekobaby babyvoeding

Ekobaby infant formulae

Ekobaby infant formulae are made from the best natural ingredients and with milk from Dutch dairy farmers. It complies to all Dutch and European standards for food safety and quality and is manfactured under strict controlled conditions.

Ekobaby is enriched with the multiple unsaturated fatty acids DHA & AA and prebiotic fibres have been added.

Ekobaby baby cereals

Nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbon hydrates, vitamins, minerals and fibres are important for the growth and development of your little child. Grains contain many essential substances and are suited as supplementary feeding in combination with mother’s milk or follow-on milk.

The nourishing grains in Ekobaby cereals are pre-processed in a natural way so that they dissolve well. The instant grains of Ekobaby are furthermore easy to digest and act profitably to the flow of bowel movements. All Ekobaby products up to the sixth month are free of gluten.